What if… [POEM]

What if you were here
to serve him
and her
and then
to praise high
and worship
in concert
the lesser
of men
and honor
of your heart
and mouth
the doctrine
of that which is,

What if the God
that you are to believe
an innocent bystander
along side of a road
that you are
all too willing
to leave

What if “Amen”
was an ode to a man
in speaking to all men
being that God was
just a man
or first a man
a man

And what if
none of it
that had been
of significance
been significant
or anything more
than impotent
towards making
a difference
because you found no same
in the different
and such
made no difference
while making
only progress
but no sense of it
a shame,
isn’t it?

Because what if
was asking Himself
who himself was
because He had
somehow forgot
for no reason other
than, because
because He had
gotten distracted
with all of the other stuff
that had become
from the simple
that His intention
once was

what if
you missed the point
hitting the mark
or refused to see the light
because you were afraid
of the dark
and got left behind,
carrying the spark

what if
what mattered
was what mattered
what if
we were more aware
of the moment
and less obsessed,
with after
and in such genius
that the purpose
was laughter
born of comedy
that picked fun equally,
but wasn’t badgered
wasn’t based in hatred
and wasn’t taken
so seriously
or literally
but was instead
what was needed
to heal the sickness
of greed and envy
and so it healed
and cured
and left power
in the tombs
of old wounded bigots
and covered holes
like divots
and made truces
and compromise
the standard
what if
what if we demanded
to see justice
just as much as we seek
just is how
we bring peace
what if
what if
what if
we didn’t sleep?


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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