Fear of fire? Time you burn…

It is not all a conspiracy. But know that there is a very BIG market for fear. While you are afraid and paranoid, there are people who live in the peace and certainty of calm. It is not always a fight, or a battle, or a struggle.

Understand that some people only want your happiness, as a byproduct of theirs. They would love for you to be happy if it meant that you’d be doing what THEY want or NEED you to do, or be. And if not, know that EVERYTHING you do is going to be questioned, assumed, criticized, and pretty much doubted. These people are “for you” if it works for them.

Ask yourself this question:

Does it matter that you ONLY matter when it matters to them?

That is a real question that YOU need a REAL answer to. You have to realize that life beats the shit and the hope out of people. And when that happens, they become routine citizens of the circular processes of familiar and expected. The problem is that those processes assume and expect negative and wrong as opposed to the sincere and RIGHT. Oh, and those processes hide old hopes and dreams. While you are out believing and trying and doing, people around you may only see what they lost, forgot, or are missing out on.

Misery loves company. And it gets a kick out of stealing fires. Miserable people love to steal your fire. They habitually douse the flames of your wildest fantasy and faith with the limitations and reality of their own inability. And they will remember and remind you of EVERY reason that YOU CAN NOT, SHOULD NOT, or BETTER NOT do that thing or go to that place that YOUR heart and soul desires to venture upon. They will extinguish YOUR embers of ambition and potential in the tradition of ancestral “hate” and resistance. They do this out of routine and FEAR. They steal joy as fluently as a kleptomaniac finds it natural to procure trinkets and merchandise left out in the open. EXACTLY like that, you leave your heart out on your sleeve and in the atmosphere, your innocent and inspirational thoughts and declarations- which are floating energy around you- in the open, as mere particles of your beautiful aura, and purpose. But they are snatched up, by people who don’t even recognize that they are thieves of these words, thoughts, hopes, or feelings. But they pick them up and hide them in their hiding places, as a reflex. They don’t even REALIZE that they do it. NOR DO YOU! Because you never expect the people that SHOULD believe in, SUPPORT, and help you, to do the opposite of these very things!

And sadly, this dance is a very popular one. People do this as a back-and-forth unlike anything else I have ever seen. It has become the norm, the “way it is”, “life”, as they say. It has become the theme. Far too many dreams and desires have been stolen or abandoned because of it! Because it is hard to find hope or reassurance or the voices that stand in the shadows willing to keep urging you forward. Nope, instead of that, most people in your life want to do that old familiar dance of lack and leave-those-things-behind. The hustle and bustle of it all tends to demand a sense of complacency and comfort that often appears to require the sacrificing of your purpose and power. And “potential” eventually becomes a poison. An agent of destruction or disease that you are tagged with once having. A cloud thrown over your head to keep you from remembering what you could have, been or done.

This universe is made up of tiny sparks. Your life is a spark. Your life matters for the sake of the universe being able to survive. Your spark keeps the universe alive. People often surrender or trade in their sparks for what society or what “life” says that they are “allowed” to be, or do. They trade in priceless sparks for pennies on the dollar. They “pawn” their sparks in their youth with every intention of picking it up at some later time, after things are “better”. When the time is right, after school, after marriage, after kids, after experience, after fulfilling the expectations and aspirations of parents or odds. The plan is often to first beat the odds, or the expectations, to defy the stigmas and stereotypes, to overcome the adversity, and then present our spark, when we can afford to not be tempered by the atmosphere and environments around us.

That philosophy is foolish and ASS-BACKWARDS!

Because YOUR SPARK, YOUR FIRE, YOUR DREAM… That is WHO YOU ARE. And to give that up, or to give up on that, is to erase YOURSELF from the annals of the recorded universe! It is to stop yourself, to defeat yourself, to leave yourself.

Today’s world has no shortage of complacency or commitment to conformity. There is an abundance of it. That is how these powers and purveyors of propaganda survive. They exist, handsomely enriched, wealthy, influential, and with a great sense of ownership, because they have gained control of so many sparks. Because so many sparks sit idle and abandoned in the deserts of broken hearts and abandoned dreams. Because commitments and obligations and deadlines have taken precedent over passions and purposes. Because hopes and dreams have succumb to expectations, limitations, statutes, and rules.

And there is a word for it, fear. And there is a very big market for that fear.

There is a market that survives on your fears. That market has subdued your spark and probably tricked you into believing that it doesn’t burn anymore. It, or someone, has told you that you have more important things to do, things other than believe in yourself at this point. No, because you have responsibility and commitment and things that have to be done! You have bills and children and people and things that depend on you, for survival.

But wait. Are you surviving? Are you going to last? Can you sustain this pace? Can you continue to live in this way, for that much longer? Will you make it?

Because that pressure, that stress, that wilderness of exile from your spark, will eventually put you in the middle of a darkness that will ultimately devour WHATEVER your fire could have been. And if you do manage to survive the time, you will not escape the torment of regret or remorse for abandoning yourself. I promise.

And then one day you will look up. There will be a flicker in the distance. There will be a remnant of heat that somehow resists the coldness of reality. And you will stand there in amazement that you recognize it. You will crack forth a hint of a smile as you suppose to chase after that glimmer. And it will still seem possible. It will still seem do-able. You will recognize that it is still real.

And then you will walk away from the mirror, remembering what you just saw in your own eyes. And you will realize that you have just made a choice to live in the bounty of your spark. Because at that very moment, you understand that the spark NEVER dies. And whenever you choose to honor it, is when the universe does.

No fear. No reason to. Burn.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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