Don’t Shoot… [POEM]

Don’t shoot…
down his dreams
before he begins to believe
before he begins to see
before he leaves

He’s unarmed
unharmed by expectations
undaunted by limitations
just waiting

Give him space,
he’s pacing

Tired from chasing down doubts
constant accusation
and outs

no amount of assurance
no insurance
just endurance

He is a purist

Please don’t shoot

Little black boys have become target practice
their mothers forced to become activists
absentee fathers become advocates
or inactive
while the police laud them all
with laughter,
it’s fashion

Cell phone camera’s scream “ACTION”
but these ain’t actors

Its the music
Its the attitude
Its the sagging pants
Its the dread-locs

… But these ain’t factors

He is an addict

to capitalism
and orgasm
and momma’s religion
and television

So, please don’t shoot

him up
through intravenous means
without making sure that he knows
what intravenous means
he’s been drugged
through intravenous means


He is well acquainted with these
before he knows what any of it means

an antidote is what he needs

Please don’t shoot

videos that lead him astray
says the wrong things
and music the radio play
has the wrong theme
he is confusing comedy
with abuse
but celebrity makes it right
and the only way to choose
either live that life
or lose
so they say

But that is no excuse,

Don’t shoot,

Stop shooting down the competition
in attempt to abort their mission
because you don’t want to listen

and hear their TRUE STORY
or let them discover
what you and yours did
that is why you abhor him
because he is finding out
and you are too old,
to be hiding out
can’t keep up with the internet
or what him taltmbout

but why shoot?

Too many calls to 911
man down, R.I.P
and the Reason Is Police

Get it?

The reason he’s deceased

In front of his procession is awareness
In the distance is disbelief
we know how to be,

and saying “PLEASE”,

Don’t shoot.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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