Thought for the Moment [#5]

I do not want to be a “career” anything. I don’t believe that to be the point of existence. I don’t imagine life to ever have been intended for one place, or one thing.

I believe I am here for the experience, the experience of love and pain, of joy and hurt, of up and down.

I want to know more, try more, do more. I want to see and feel, MORE! I want to exercise my breath given right and obligation to experience such.

I want to continue to learn. I want to examine and discover. I want my curiosity to be eternal. I want to find out and touch.

I see life, in this dimension, as a moment. A moment that requires my full attention and energy. A moment that needs my presence. A moment that wanted me to be here.

And I am. I am here. To live. As I see and feel fit. To do so in cooperation with the universe. For the purpose and plan towards good and just and fair. For the cause of what is sincerely equal and right. Not what is expected or assumed or limited. Not what is ruled or controlled by the inconsistent and volatile nature of selfish, egotistical, and rude humanity.

I believe humans to be possible. Possible of good. Possible of amazing. Possible of wonderful! I believe humans can be more. And more is not excess or overkill or obsessive; More is smarter, kinder, gentler, more peaceful, more relaxed, more satisfied, more confident, more understanding, more engaging, more open, more compassionate, more consistent…

More human, and not what we’ve become… apps and programs and versions, of the duped and directed, of the controlled and silenced, of the scared and hopeless.

That is not life to me. So I choose to live another way. I choose to live from my heart and in my present and at this time…

and this, this I can do forever.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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