Love, miserable… [POEM]

She is by her window,
buying time
being sold a picture,
trying to hide

He tells her to leave him
to go another way
but she cannot the truth
of anything he says

How is love could be this hurt
not sense make does it apply
where did it go wrong she asks
has it been so long replies

No touches, no sweet kisses
no argument to explain
he just tells her that he’s sorry
and to leave the window pane

she sees butterflies and lilies
proof that fairytales exist
he only sees her taking pictures
he doesn’t see her take a kiss

This a man outside the window
he’s been there for such a time
he’s the reason that she rests
he’s the solace that she finds

He’s been waiting there aloof,
but somehow purposely
’till she returns on to gaze him.
she makes silent perfectly

They share such this crazy now
if but for moments at a time
Her on the brink of going out
He on the verge of being fine

While a man unknown is there
behind the shadow of her stare
they meet always at her window
until the glass no longer there.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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