Omen, Love… [POEM]

love never wants to be found
by lovers
lovers know love
and love doesn’t like that
no more

love wants
to be discovered
and a surprise
to someone unsuspecting
and a fool
a newborn baby, as well

love wants to meet
and hardened hearts
and broken ones
and prodigal sons
and long and lost

love wants to be held
by presents
and by moments
now’s and no reasons
not by lovers
not by expected

love wants to bring
where there was take
love wants to fix
where there was break
or at least matter
for being

love never wants to stay
or get too comfortable
or do unnecessary things
like maintain
or ego
for nothing

love wants to die
feeling alive
in hearts and minds
and thoughts
and to be
and described by words
fought for
but not denied

love wants to grow
in cracks
and the crevices
while being the movement
that leverage is
or unlovedness
beneath the surface

love hates masks
and disguises
and lies that tell themselves
I don’t love


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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