It’s Me… [POEM]

She says,
“It’s me”
that noticed you
saw you naked
and came close,
kept you from
being exposed
but stayed low
so that you’d
be able to fly
gave you a reason
so that you’d know why
but not more
in order to realize

She said,
“It’s me”
that fought
Invisible opponents
and spiritual demons
prayed for healing
and saw you through
and the whole while sat there
at the bus stop of your love
for you

She said,
“It’s me”
that laid there
in a darkest of times
and stayed put
without so much as a wine
willing to give it all
for a time
that meets a day
when you’ll be able to say…

that I see,
and that I can
and that I know that man
“It’s me.”


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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