Kisses in the wind… [POEM]

Satin fabric brushed firm
against my chest
clutched into a crumple
of safe beneath my chin
feels like
Kisses in the wind

Deserted and distressed
wanting to be rescued
for fear of loneliness
keeping me alive
are thoughts
of kisses in the wind

on the floor
by the door
wishing my yearn is known
so that I am saved
by kisses in the wind

Finding further seclusion
inside the closet
by illusions
wishing these mirages
come to life
and carry
Kisses in the wind

on a windows ledge
to flee
drowning by the sea of tears
that flood
my foot of the bed beach,
I plea
for kisses in the wind

and tragic
category unmatched
a wind beyond measure
a wall unlatched
It is all bad
and I drift further
Kisses in the wind

As they blow by my life
into the want of another
I escape to find them gone
without a lover
standing in a puddle
of what once was a floor
left vacant was my oasis
when I opened the door
to be done
and deserved
Kisses in the wind.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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