Scene… [POEM]

Woke up

next to
new color
of familiar hues
and similar views

Old friend

lied down
next to someone
I wanted to see
on a morning like this,

danced with you
in my dreams
we knew all the moves
and it seemed,

Unfound, before now
but I knew it,

I made love to you
like you wanted me to,
handmade, custom
unaccustomed to usually
just the way you’ve asked,
You and Me

we held and touched
and forgot and remembered
and went and came,
but never pretended

Naked, while fully clothed
Eyes wide open, while closed

In my sleep

You’ve shown me peace
in the war of my want
what was my due
in thee or of my don’t

But clearly,

May I kiss you now?
just kiss you how
you wanted it to be
and when
and where,
and with me

Like I imagined
when I knew this
would happen

When I grabbed my pen
to write about it,



2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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