grieving process…  [POEM]

… this morning
i am mourning
moaning out your name
for a change
in sighs that sound the same

and i can tell it’s showing
like everything now
this hour says keep going
i just don’t know how
an insubordinate remembrance
keeps me toward the down
and this morning
it is so loud

like an overwhelming
telling me to wake
referring me to face my feelings
against my better sake
for the luxury of just in case
and i am still hurting
enjoying the same place

haven’t moved since Monday
more than that many years ago
but somehow stayed it present,
prolific mastery of my low
and it isn’t all your fault
but i need for you to know

that i awoke this morning
in mourning
moaning out your name.


©2017 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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