Daddy (‘s) Issues

You have always been

the sun to me

my reason being


a destiny

not one bit unclean

I always wanted to

get to know you

follow you

be under you

be around you

have you proud of me

I never saw the empty bottles

nor the empty promises

nor the bags filled with regret

that you hoarded

and never forgot

like you tried to un-remember me

I thought the smell of Kool 100’s

and Old English

and outside

was independence

and unapologetic proudness

and normal

Your silence

and slow walk

and nonconforming energy

and no talk

was matter of fact and course,

and an awe inspiring force

I only saw your big feet

and big hands

and that you were tall,

everything man

an opportune example,

a chance that I could too

You had it easy

with me

You could have said


and I would have believed

that every word was true

because that’s what a father…

means to you.


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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