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Thought for the Moment {2/29}


“Rare” means, or is like, one (1). So, the value placed in/on “rare” things is justified by the notion that they are exclusive/elusive from mass possession. The ridiculously expensive prices requested or paid for “rare” items are thought to be understood because the desire to acquire or obtain said items is a choice, and truth is that if one can afford to, then one can choose to.

But then this morning I started to think about YOU. And I was wondering if YOU realized that there is only ONE of YOU! YOU are UBER EXCLUSIVE. There will always only be ONE. Do YOU realize how RARE YOU are? Do YOU know how VALUABLE that is? Do YOU KNOW YOUR WORTH? And do YOU realize that YOU get to choose YOUR price!

::whilst staring in mirror::

There is a world that is set on marketing YOU as a product on the assembly line of everything else. But YOU are a CUSTOM version, specially and specifically designed UNIQUE, rather YOU-NIQUE! And guess what, YOU do not have to SELL yourself! No, people will BUY what YOU sell, what YOU say, what YOU select. YOU don’t have to bargain shop, or accept coupons, or sale YOURSELF short! Nope, because there is a market for YOUR Time/Energy/Power/Experience/Words/Thoughts/Story. And YOU have perpetual access to the inventory of YOU!!!!

Diamonds aren’t as rare as YOU!
Truffles aren’t as rare as YOU!
Jordans aren’t as rare as YOU!
Gold isn’t as rare as YOU!
Materials aren’t as rare as YOU!
Time isn’t as rare as YOU!!!

Think about that…

Time isn’t as rare as YOU!

There is a market, and a marketplace for who YOU are… Start doing business!

YOU are a special kind of special, and someone will BUY that!


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Thought for the Moment [#20]

You know what kind of love I want?

I want the kind of love that picks me out of a crowd. While I’m surrounded by people that may be better, or more, or make more sense, or look better, have more money, more talent, even more potential. I want a love that has ALL OF THOSE OPTIONS, and still CHOOSES ME! Because I make sense to them. I want a love that WANTS me. Not someone that only needs me, or settles for me, I want a love that WANTS ME! A love that makes a conscious decision to make me a priority, and partner, and preference.

I don’t just want a “soul” mate, I want a SOLE mate! I want a someone that exclusively decides to forget the past, and has no reservations or questions about the future. They just maximize and materialize the moment of NOW. Making the most of US, putting EVERY effort and energy into US. Someone that is DELIBERATELY active in building OUR brand. I want a love that understands that what, who, where, when, and why, HAPPENED! That’s it. It HAPPENED.
And whatever happened BEFORE US, HAPPENED BEFORE US. It is over. It is gone. It is DONE. As a matter of fact, IT HAPPENED, and that made US possible! So there are no questions about OUR pasts or our previous life choices, but for the purpose of being ABLE to protect WHAT WE HAVE by using the lessons we learned, and lives we have lived, for the sake of LOVING ONE ANOTHER!
I want a love that HELPS ME to CREATE a specific and unique relationship that compliments OUR best and is uncomplicated by our worst. I want a love that selects US as the reason and point. I want a love that gets that.
I want this love that knows that LOVE is a process. But that doesn’t mean it has to be so processed. It can be spontaneous and different and unique and ever-evolving! It can be perfect. It can be real. It can be OURS!
It can be magical.
I want a love that sees me as a canvas. And decides to create on, in, around, and WITH ME! And has no idea nor intention to give me up. Because MY LOVE, chooses the picture and is FINE with the picture and point of view. And has the perspective of seeing that I AM WILLING AND MORE THAN ABLE TO RECIPROCATE EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE ASKED AND REQUIRED OF IT. I want a love that wants a love like mine. I DESERVE a love that DESERVES a love like mine!
I want a CONFIDENT love. With rest assurance and realness. A love that has experience and still has energy. I want a love that has feeling, the sensitive-to-the-touch kind of feeling. I want a love that has been banged-up, and bruised, but IS BETTER, because of that. A love that BELIEVES that it deserves to be better. I want a love that is able to get better. A love that isn’t too hurt to heal. I want a love that recognizes pain and is able to deal with pain and STILL chooses LOVE, over pain.
Yes, a REAL LOVE. Human, unapologetically. With reason to stay still, but with room to grow. I want a love that recognizes LOVE. A love that remembers LOVE. A love that reaffirms LOVE. A new LOVE. Like, the kind of new that stays new, even after we have spent the rest of our lives creating it. I want a love that EXAMPLES and EXPRESSES ITSELF. A love that we can pass on and profess, effortlessly. A love that is so amazing that we don’t even know how to explain how AMAZING it feels.
I want the kind of love that knows no love, other than ours.

… and I am ready.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

My poetry

I find it ridiculous that one should edit or correct poetry which in itself is perfect because of its incorrectness and should not be subject to the established ideas and rules of a much maligned society that guards heavy the reliance on an educational system so egregiously opposite to the pureness of the heart that creates these atmospheres of words. There is no mutual agreement in the wars of such words for they are intended to represent feeling and feeling can not be corrected it can only be changed and by that it is a different thing altogether. I offer that you write your poetry and rest it assured in the confidence of your intentions or insecurities or inspirations or inhibitions. It is yours, yours to leave as stupid or surreal, as serious or serendipitous. Poetry is the explanation to our most awesome of questions and the answer to our most specific of query. It makes its sense on the backs of the illogical, the erratic, the loose-fitting, off-balanced, awkward, ridiculous, repulsive, dark, sensitive, and authentic reality. Poetry is the bystanders account intended to relay, for those who desire, a message of opinion powered to transcend the uniform, overcome the authoritative, strengthen the weak, empower the hopeless, discover the lost, or comfort the broken. Poetry, in its beauty, justifies the scars and hurts of scores that seek out its shelter in the darkest of hours, relaxing fears and doubts alike in the obliging arms of the humorous, colorful, sultry, truthful narratives of strangers or established pens that release with no rule or control but those self-imposed to protect the sanity of bringing forth what falls from the recesses of their individual capacities. Yes, poetry is the excuse and the exception, both to the rule and yet to the justification of its disregard. So no, you may not “correct” my poetry. You may interpret it as you shall, you can deem it as it delivers to you but it is mine, as I wrote it, and I won’t change it.


Word, silly little word. [POEM]

There was once a word I knew
then we became friends
the word and I grew close
almost seemed like pretend

Me and the word shared feeling
hid snug in one another’s embrace
the word and I sought pleasure
a thing we both desired to taste

The word had a little history
and I begged to learn the story
but the word found me more interesting
thought I’d find its life somewhat boring

I screamed at the word to help me
just not to assume and let us be
but the word had known another
and saw glimpses of such in me

Another had used word wrong
one had only used word to call
some had used word differently
few had even used word at all

Now word knew me as an adjective
though adverbs are more preferred
then word gave me an ultimatum
a bigger word albeit absurd

Word said that I should be silent
Word said that I couldn’t see
Word said that I should be better
I guess something other than me

And now my lips are silent
for words word I no longer hear
word had the audacity to question
an answer made perfectly clear

Now word is just a fantasy
an imaginary little boys dream
some other idiots objective
some silly ole pessimists plea

Word means nothing to a doer
But doing is not what word sees
word awaits a very long paragraph,
a sentence is all that we need.

©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers

And then… [POEM]

And then….

And then
there will be something else
something more
something harder
more requiring
more challenging
that hurts
and then you will have to go
and keep going
because there is no other way
to make sense of it
or to stop it
and then
the distractions
the delays
the doubts
the distance
the decisions
that you must consider
and then
the devil
that you blame
that keeps trying to stop you
from stopping him
because you could
stop him
if you wanted to
because you’re bigger
because faith is bigger
than whatever is not faith
even the biggest thing
is smaller than the smallest faith
and you tell yourself that
and then
someone says you’re crazy
because you believe
when they say you shouldn’t
because they couldn’t
because somebody told them
that they wouldn’t
and then
they take a seat
to watch you
and then you do
right onto your purpose
your destiny
on purpose
and someone is watching you
for an example
and you don’t see them
all you see is in front of you
and you try to focus
on that
and then
more of
the distractions
the delays
the doubts
the distance
the decisions
that you must consider more
in order to keep fighting
in order to keep living
because living is your fight
living is why you fight
so you ready for war
and then
someone smiles
someone special
someone who doesn’t see
the war
only that you’re fighting
and they ask why
and you don’t know what to say
so you smile back
holding back tears
and the pain
and the frustration
and the problems
because you don’t want them
to see the worse that is to come
because you want them
to have a bigger faith
a better faith
and then
you realize that
there is no different faith
just faith
and so you smile back
to reassure them
that help is on the way
in spite of
the distractions
the delays
the doubts
the distance
the decisions
that they must consider
while they fight
while they live
and then
it happens again
because it always happens again
whether you’re ready or not
because it doesn’t need you
to be ready
it just needs you
to be.


©Cornelious M. Flowers III