Thought for the Moment {2/29}


“Rare” means, or is like, one (1). So, the value placed in/on “rare” things is justified by the notion that they are exclusive/elusive from mass possession. The ridiculously expensive prices requested or paid for “rare” items are thought to be understood because the desire to acquire or obtain said items is a choice, and truth is that if one can afford to, then one can choose to.

But then this morning I started to think about YOU. And I was wondering if YOU realized that there is only ONE of YOU! YOU are UBER EXCLUSIVE. There will always only be ONE. Do YOU realize how RARE YOU are? Do YOU know how VALUABLE that is? Do YOU KNOW YOUR WORTH? And do YOU realize that YOU get to choose YOUR price!

::whilst staring in mirror::

There is a world that is set on marketing YOU as a product on the assembly line of everything else. But YOU are a CUSTOM version, specially and specifically designed UNIQUE, rather YOU-NIQUE! And guess what, YOU do not have to SELL yourself! No, people will BUY what YOU sell, what YOU say, what YOU select. YOU don’t have to bargain shop, or accept coupons, or sale YOURSELF short! Nope, because there is a market for YOUR Time/Energy/Power/Experience/Words/Thoughts/Story. And YOU have perpetual access to the inventory of YOU!!!!

Diamonds aren’t as rare as YOU!
Truffles aren’t as rare as YOU!
Jordans aren’t as rare as YOU!
Gold isn’t as rare as YOU!
Materials aren’t as rare as YOU!
Time isn’t as rare as YOU!!!

Think about that…

Time isn’t as rare as YOU!

There is a market, and a marketplace for who YOU are… Start doing business!

YOU are a special kind of special, and someone will BUY that!


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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