Thought for the Moment [#20]

You know what kind of love I want?

I want the kind of love that picks me out of a crowd. While I’m surrounded by people that may be better, or more, or make more sense, or look better, have more money, more talent, even more potential. I want a love that has ALL OF THOSE OPTIONS, and still CHOOSES ME! Because I make sense to them. I want a love that WANTS me. Not someone that only needs me, or settles for me, I want a love that WANTS ME! A love that makes a conscious decision to make me a priority, and partner, and preference.

I don’t just want a “soul” mate, I want a SOLE mate! I want a someone that exclusively decides to forget the past, and has no reservations or questions about the future. They just maximize and materialize the moment of NOW. Making the most of US, putting EVERY effort and energy into US. Someone that is DELIBERATELY active in building OUR brand. I want a love that understands that what, who, where, when, and why, HAPPENED! That’s it. It HAPPENED.
And whatever happened BEFORE US, HAPPENED BEFORE US. It is over. It is gone. It is DONE. As a matter of fact, IT HAPPENED, and that made US possible! So there are no questions about OUR pasts or our previous life choices, but for the purpose of being ABLE to protect WHAT WE HAVE by using the lessons we learned, and lives we have lived, for the sake of LOVING ONE ANOTHER!
I want a love that HELPS ME to CREATE a specific and unique relationship that compliments OUR best and is uncomplicated by our worst. I want a love that selects US as the reason and point. I want a love that gets that.
I want this love that knows that LOVE is a process. But that doesn’t mean it has to be so processed. It can be spontaneous and different and unique and ever-evolving! It can be perfect. It can be real. It can be OURS!
It can be magical.
I want a love that sees me as a canvas. And decides to create on, in, around, and WITH ME! And has no idea nor intention to give me up. Because MY LOVE, chooses the picture and is FINE with the picture and point of view. And has the perspective of seeing that I AM WILLING AND MORE THAN ABLE TO RECIPROCATE EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE ASKED AND REQUIRED OF IT. I want a love that wants a love like mine. I DESERVE a love that DESERVES a love like mine!
I want a CONFIDENT love. With rest assurance and realness. A love that has experience and still has energy. I want a love that has feeling, the sensitive-to-the-touch kind of feeling. I want a love that has been banged-up, and bruised, but IS BETTER, because of that. A love that BELIEVES that it deserves to be better. I want a love that is able to get better. A love that isn’t too hurt to heal. I want a love that recognizes pain and is able to deal with pain and STILL chooses LOVE, over pain.
Yes, a REAL LOVE. Human, unapologetically. With reason to stay still, but with room to grow. I want a love that recognizes LOVE. A love that remembers LOVE. A love that reaffirms LOVE. A new LOVE. Like, the kind of new that stays new, even after we have spent the rest of our lives creating it. I want a love that EXAMPLES and EXPRESSES ITSELF. A love that we can pass on and profess, effortlessly. A love that is so amazing that we don’t even know how to explain how AMAZING it feels.
I want the kind of love that knows no love, other than ours.

… and I am ready.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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