Today’s -see 1/30/2014

It was wrong;
It was YOUR right.

The direction YOU took.

YOU made that choice. No matter whatever YOUR reasoning or recourse was, it was a decision that YOU made. YOU can come up with all types and kinds of excuses or facts to justify, from YOUR position, why YOU did whatever it was that YOU did but the truth is that YOU did it. So the decision that hurt someone or harmed someone or betrayed or manipulated or took advantage of or misled or completely damaged or destroyed someone, whether YOU intended to or not, was YOUR fault. YOU are responsible. YOU made that happen. It was YOUR lies or mistruths. It was YOUR immaturity. It was YOUR irresponsibility. It was YOUR reaction to whatever happened that led to or up to whatever the circumstances that eventually took place. It was YOUR idea. It was YOUR plan. It was YOUR mistake. Whether it was YOUR intent or not is a matter only YOU are sure to know, but it is irrelevant, because the fact is that whatever it was that happened, did, and YOU are the reason it did.

And it may not have been a “someone” that YOU hurt. What happened some time ago may have been where YOU destroyed “YOU”. YOU may be the person YOU hurt or harmed or misled. YOU might be the one that was delayed or distracted because of a decision that changed everything. Maybe someone else, or people, were involved but maybe they got over it. May be that they expected it. Expected it of people or just of life, or maybe they expected it of YOU. So maybe the person that YOU think YOU setback or set up was able to set aside the differences and instead set themselves on the right pace and path to move on. Maybe they forgave YOU or they forgot YOU. Maybe they are grateful to YOU because they learned a vicious but valuable lesson. Maybe they have long since realized that there was nothing different or deliberate that they could have done in order to avoid whatever transpired. So maybe they got over it. May be that they kept moving. May be that YOU are the one stuck.

And YOU are not the only one… YOU-ARE-NOT-ALONE!
(YOU are definitely not alone.)

We are all different. Like really different. Not just that we look different or sound different or come from different places. More than that we dress different and have different taste, likes and dislikes, and different attitudes, demeanors, and dispositions. We are raised differently and exposed to different cultures and religions and faiths and beliefs and ideologies. We have different attitudes and feelings and we interpret our surroundings differently according to our own individual differences. Even in our similarities we are extremely different. Siblings, for example, raised in the same environment, for the exact period of time, with the same exposure to as many similarities as possible, are still going to have differences. We think differently. We act differently.

YOUR “difference”…

YOU have YOUR own path. YOU will discover YOUR way on YOUR own journey. As much as YOU may want or be willing to follow after an expression or example of someone else’s, YOU are going to make YOUR way, YOUR way. And that way, is going to be different. YOU have to own that. YOU have to stand up to that. YOU have to recognize and realize what comes with that and YOU have to deal with it. Before YOU are ever able to “be” it.

About the way YOU went…

YOU are entitled to YOU and the truth is that YOU are not always going to get it right. YOU are not always going to do the right thing at the right time for the right result. YOU will not always say or do the right things that please people and satisfy the wants and/or needs of everyone. YOU are not going to be perfect. Not if perfect, for you, means flawless or without error or without trouble or without mistake. YOU are never going to meet the expectations of that kind of perfection. And it is YOUR right to not be. YOU get to be normal, and let me tell YOU, perfect is not the norm. No, the perfection that is normality is found in the differences. And those differences include some things that would make whatever YOU did or think YOU did, seem like nothing, absolutely nothing, in comparison to what other people go through. Because the truth is that some of those “other” people didn’t make it. And YOU did. And YOU get to accept that. And YOU get to apologize. And YOU get to assume responsibility. And YOU get to move on. Even if “moving on” means that YOU get to leave who YOU once were for who YOU now are, for who YOU are destined to be. And YOU get to start over. Everyday. YOU get to right the wrongs. Fine tune the idiosyncrasies. Adjust the imbalances. Correct the mistakes. Change the way YOU are done.

And no matter how wrong it was, YOU are the difference, YOU are different, and YOU get to make it right!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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