Today’s -see 1/31/2014

YOUR story is more important when YOU tell it,
and is as affordable as YOU sell it.

How much YOU cost.

Only YOU know everything that YOU have been through. Only YOU have the experience of having had experienced everything that YOU have. They think that they know YOU. Sometimes YOU even think that there is someone that has a very strong idea or sense of who YOU are and what YOU are because of all that YOU have gone through or had to deal with or have been part of, but really, they have no idea.

It is comfortable and quite pleasing to be able to share authentically and honestly YOUR identity and the “ins and outs” of YOU. It is a necessary component of being able to process this process that we consider life. We need to share who we are. Some of us do that with our time or our energy. Some people do it with their compassion and kindness. Some people do it with their talent or through a special gift or skill that they share. And this is how people come to “know” YOU. That thing that YOU do most often, most consistently, is normally what most people believe to be YOUR true identity. And if YOU are doing, on a consistent basis, the thing that YOU love, YOU are eventually known for the thing that YOU love. There is no greater feeling than that. Doing what YOU love. And being known for it. And being paid for it! On the other hand, many of us do either what we were told to do or told we had to do or whatever was the thing that was what we found as a last resort, or a convenient one. And maybe we are good at it. Or get liked for it. And some of us get paid, and even well paid, for it. And we become known for that thing. And it consumes us. It eats away our time and energy and it deprives us of our peace of mind. But we do it for “ever’s” and long after the “meantime” that we once thought that it would last. Because we never intended to do it forever. We thought that it would just get us to where we were trying to go. To what we loved. It was supposed to do that, get us the money, or the resources, or the connections, in order to one day give us the opportunity at being who we really wanted to be.

If YOU don’t come to it, it won’t come to YOU…

People are creatures of habit. Not just the habits that they themselves maintain but they maintain a sense of familiarity and recognition with what YOUR habits are. If YOU habitually lie, YOU will be known as a liar. If YOU habitually run away from confrontation, YOU will be known as irresponsible or immature. If YOU have chosen to spend most of YOUR time and energy at a job or in a place or with people that are not exactly what YOU have as a desire for YOURSELF, YOU will still be known for or by these things. So if YOU are an aspiring dancer but have spent most of YOUR days and energy employed behind a desk, people will know YOU as a desk worker. Maybe YOUR heart is set on living in a different place other than where YOU are at the moment, the truth is that no one knows how important that relocation is to YOU, as much as YOU do. And the people that YOU spend most of YOUR time with say a lot about YOU. No matter what YOU say, people don’t see “act-like”, they see actions. They don’t always see that YOU are pretending or just passing time, they see who YOU have around YOU most as YOUR preference. And YOU will be known by those people, YOU will be known as one of them. That is where “birds of a feather…” rings true. At least from what people can see.

And YOU will pay for it…

Sometimes we get into the rut of wondering why people don’t believe in us or why they don’t support us, or why they don’t take us seriously. Well in some of these cases, the answer is this:

They do not believe us.
We haven’t always given them something to support.
We don’t appear to take ourselves seriously.

It is that simple. It is not an agenda against YOU. It is not that they are “hating” on YOU. It is not that “they”, whomever YOU perceive or pretend “them” to be, don’t want to see YOU “make it”. They just don’t know that YOU. And the reality is that the people that may know of that YOU, don’t see enough of it to believe in it, or take it seriously, or to financially, emotionally, or consistently, support it. And that will cost YOU! It will force YOU to maintain whatever mediocrity or madness that is YOUR everyday routine and regimen in order to survive. But know that YOU are not just here to survive. Being alive is survival, YOU are here to succeed! YOU are here to try. YOU are here to do! YOU are here to make something happen. YOU deserve to be happy. YOU deserve to fulfill the desires of YOUR heart.

And that will help YOU.
It will more than help someone else.

People don’t always follow what they hear, they follow what they see. YOU are not always known for what YOU know, YOU are known for what YOU show! And people need to see YOU doing it, doing whatever the something that YOU do, is. YOU need to see YOURSELF doing it. YOU need to believe that it is possible because YOU made it possible. YOU need to follow YOUR heart. And if YOU need to make adjustments or amend the vision, it is better to find out by having tried than to discover what it is not because of only having thought about it. And if YOU have children, know that they are following YOUR lead. As well as anyone else that YOU are exposing to who YOU are pretending to be.

They buy or know what YOU sell, mediocrity or magnificence, by YOU selling it. Can YOU afford that?


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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