Love Me… [POEM]

It is not as easy
to love you
as it is
to want to
but I want to
so I’ll learn it,
so I’ll earn it
show that I can
on demand
present myself before you
just a man
and hope that you give me ear,
or a chance
to prove it
force me to your rules
or lose it,
the chance to choose you
as I choose me,
setting aside reason opposite,
so that you make your decision,
because you had other choices
other voices to consider,
but you listened
heard a standard in my tone,
a difference
and cheered it on
hoped that I pursued you
so you readied yourself,
for the chase,
so the case I should subdue you
and that was not easy
but you learned to
let me think I knew,
while teaching me
let me think I was strong,
while weakening me
you made me cry again
and try again,
you gave me my fire back
while extinguishing
old flames,
and the games,
and that same routine,
you blew worth into my value,
with change
and belief
not speculation, nor assumption
but release
and so I held on tighter
let down my defenses,
became the fighter,
that you knew I could be
hands held over my eyes,
but you knew I could see
you just wanted me to try,
you knew I would be
the perfect partner
once I had pulled it together
instead of parts of

strange to stand here today
standing here to say,
that I love you
in so many ways
for so many things
but for one specifically,
teaching me
to love me.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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