Today’s -see 2/14/2014

Love YOU “loved”…

YOU must love YOU. Because “loving” or being “loved” by anyone else is only possible when YOU know what love is for YOURSELF. DO YOU KNOW WHAT LOVE IS? Knowing is what happens as a result of experience and exercise. YOU have to DO love. YOU have to practice love. YOU have to perform love. For YOURSELF! Perpetually. Love (for others) is possible when YOU know and recognize love FOR YOU. That happens when YOU know love IN YOU! YOU must be the bar and standard for how love is translated, transpired, and transported, in YOUR life. No one can love YOU if YOU don’t love YOU. They can love “on” YOU, they can have love “for” YOU, and they can attempt to give love “to” YOU. But it can only be properly received and reciprocated if YOU know it for YOURSELF. YOU must be able to identify and define love as YOU see fit by having tried love on. YOU have to wear love, YOUR own specific love. The love that suits YOUR individual taste and take. Because love is a uniquely specific entity that is as it reflects. Love is the liquid of life, it conforms to whatever container it is placed in. And so just as cups with no bottoms can hold no water, or tiny cups hold tiny amounts, YOU must be able to receive the love poured into YOU and YOU must be able to accommodate the volume of love by being big enough to handle it. Or that love will just run through YOU. Or spill out. Or just make a mess. Of everything.

Today is a great time to learn love. For YOU. While we bask in the revel of this celebration that is to be symbolic of love and appreciation. As we are reminded of our haves and have nots by the constant imagery and marketing that today is. While we “smell” the roses and “taste” the chocolates of today. While we engage in the romantic gestures and ideas of what love is or said to be. While we send and receive notes petitioning and proclaiming our “love” for others, and for all. While we example to those that are watching us that today is all about “love” and the enumeration of ways in which to portray love. Or while we don’t. Or have not. Or sit alone. Or wait at the windows or doorsteps of opportunity for love. Or while we sit in the closets of our own abandonment and condemn love. For hurting us. Or leaving us. Or letting us down. Because that idea of love has done these things.

Today YOU get to love YOU. And tomorrow as well. And everyday after. And YOU get to love YOU forever. And YOU get to celebrate that love. And YOU get to express that love. And learn from that love. And that love will teach others. It will teach others just as it teaches YOU. To love. And what love is. And how love works. And why love works. And what to expect of and from real, true, and authentic, love. And it will be an experience. It will always be an experience. And YOU will be able to share that experience. And what comes with it. With everyone. On so many levels. In so many phases. And ways. And degrees. And stages. Through whatever. YOU, wholly, being and becoming an example of love. in the celebrations, in the challenges. Full. With more to give. Because YOU know what YOU can afford to pour out and where to refill.

Once YOU know love.
For YOU.
With YOU.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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