Work in progress … [POEM]

I am not good enough
nor will I ever be
to love you as I imagine,
or even as I see

I am only a star
you deserve every one
I am just a moon
you deserve the sun

Long to riches and favor,
spotlight and fame,
but now just an ordinary,
a much of the same

No word that I remember
or thing that I do
is sufficient to reward
the treasure of you

But yet I am fallen
a victim of sorts
under judge of your prudence
at mercy of your court

Convicted of passion
and sentenced to plea
I will spend my time serving
to the needs of your see

A slave set to master
subservient to rule
I am a clown to your circus
for your love I am fool

Thus obey as so ordered
and fulfilled as is promised
I give to thee my nothingness
a bulb to such blossom

In a garden that you’ve planted
a seed and fertile dirt
watered, your love and time
I will soon be thus worth

Then will I be special
as you’ve seen me all along
a rose in your window
a lyric in your song

And I will never be good enough
in the great that I will with your help be
to love you to the magnitude that I imagine,
or even to the deserve as I now see.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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