Fire (For You)… [POEM]

I, once just a flicker
an alive kept spark
just barely being noticed
in an overwhelming dark

and my flame so being
as it tapered, to and fro
movement of the instant
giving me the way to go

yet burn had I always
purposed such to be
never to extinguish
it is fire, still in me

but now have I this glow
this reason to pursue
I, now a fire brightened
the reason thus is you

a fire toward redemption
a flame to recompense
be it warmth or so as it
I burn to such convince

a room no more hidden
I have torn apart enrage
I now tower as inferno
purpose so emblazoned

burn, my fire, burn
as your elements persist
I, a fire set by love,
under control of a kiss

now for you, blaze I, on
from way of your wind
a world now to conquer
till you decide its end

I, once just a flicker
on verge of letting out
you my dear found me
and set my fire about.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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