YOU, for a change…

“No person or place or program can ever change YOU. They can implore or inspire or insist that YOU change but they cannot change YOU. YOU have to change YOU. If you ever change, it will be because YOU decided to change and thus deliberately did so. Not that any of those things that wanted YOU to change were of any less importance but in order to change, YOU must want it and become the more important that is required of YOU to realize a change.

Until YOU realize this, YOU will probably remain as YOU are, as YOU have been, or as YOU have been trying to move from. And thus there will perpetually be a road, a journey, a path, a lesson, needing to be traveled, learned, discovered, by YOU, willingly or resistantly, to where YOU want to be.

Change is the most simple complexity that YOU will ever achieve. The most complex simplicity that YOU will ever endeavor. Change is ever and never, alike, and different, and impossible, or certain. Definite or definitely not, but ultimately and inevitably, always, up to YOU.”


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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