Thought for the Moment [#2]

Some things you just have to see, try, do, learn, manage, and fix, FOR YOURSELF!

You ever felt that boxed-in, cornered, deserted, ignored, isolated, feeling? That one specific feeling that makes you feel all worthless and irrelevant? That moment, time, season, or process that squeezes and presses down on you so uncomfortably so that you almost die while trying to go through it?

Ever had to suffer that reality while simultaneously having to maintain and manage responsibilities and obligations that REQUIRE your full attention and commitment? It’s like juggling double-edged swords and having to tie your shoes at the same time, all the while walking to get to where you have to be in 5 minutes. I’m talking about that kind of pressure! Have you ever felt it?

The truth is that you probably have. And you have had to deal with and go through some things that the people closest to you, family and friends alike, have no clue or idea about. You’ve had to make sacrifices and choices that probably went against everything that you profess to stand for. You’ve had to manipulate and maneuver beyond what anyone has assumed or expected of you. And you had to do it in the shadows, on the outs, and behind the scenes.

Well that pressure is called life, and guess what…

EVERYONE goes through “life”! Everyone has a story and some secrets and a host of issues that they struggle with. Everyone has a journey that they had to venture upon in order to make it to where they want or need to end up. EVERYONE! No man or woman is exempt from this. Money doesn’t eliminate the reality of what is the spontaneity of living. Nor does power or fame or popularity or profession or politics or race or gender or anything else. Some factors may allow the travel to be a bit more comfortable or convenient for a person, but no matter who you are, YOU ARE GOING TO GO THROUGH LIFE. You will have to experience loss, hurt, betrayal, disappointment, anger, frustration, and death. No matter who you are!

So, KEEP GOING! Try something that you’ve been wondering about. Go with a gut feeling. Experiment. Get beyond your self-imposed limits or rules and adventure into the unknown of possibility.

Because you want to. Because your heart wants to. Because your thoughts wander so far outside of where you are right now and there is at least one particular thought in the back of your mind that keeps nudging you towards doing something that you think is just crazy.

Do it. Do it because ALL GREAT MEN and WOMEN, who became anything “great” or “successful” or “powerful”, all had a story and a journey that you might not believe if you knew it. Do it because you don’t have anything to lose but you have very much to “loose”.

You have to get loose from the spirit and energy of doubt and disbelief. You have to get loose from the habits and routines of procrastination or pause. You have to get loose from any person or place that is a factor in the process of you not accessing your higher and best possible outcome. You have to get loose from expectation and assumption that is unhealthy or unwarranted due to tradition, history, or the “past”. You have to get loose from the snares and traps of non-believers, used-to-be’s, never will’s, who do you think you are’s, and you cant’s. You have to get loose from the thoughts and feelings that have been programmed into your thinking by experience and environments that do not produce anything other than lack. You have to get loose from atmospheres and neighborhoods that operate in the negative.
You have to get loose from the idea that failure is wrong or that failure is the most terrible of outcomes. Failure is research. Failure is a learning process. Failure is a precursor to greatness!

Loosen up. Let some stuff go. Especially any “stuff” that you’ve been attached to or carrying, that is holding you back from being just as human as anyone else. Because you deserve the peace of mind and rest assurance that comes with happiness. You are entitled to love and joy and laughter, as well. You are well able to handle success and opportunity.

And if you decide that you are going to try, then you deserve that chance! Tomorrow is a GREAT day to start. Today is a GREAT day to start. Now is a GREAT time to start. Whenever you choose is a GREAT time to start!

Because starting is the BEST way to do it.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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