, for the most part… [POEM]

for the most part

we love different
in sequence
a universe
that bounces light
from wrong
to right
for the sake and purpose
of having no reason
to fight
these urges
in season

I love you
for the most part

tempered feelings
and accusation
scars and memories
blemishes on a spotted record
tendency and prone
self-righteous assumption
and justification,
all reasons enough
to be gone

I hear you
for the most part

and request
thoughts to suggest
something of sorts
that leads to belief
or least enough of a clue
that makes me want
the thought
or makes me think
of you
or enough of a reason
to make you the want
that I want to do

I see you
for the most part

in between dalliances
and trysts
and coincidence
and affair
or there

I believe you
for the most part

last time
nothing to be worried about
the only one
a dream and a feeling
keeping in touch
what matters most
not what you think
before you came along
it’s just a song

for the most part

don’t blame you
for being human
the same you
that wouldn’t expect
anything else
from anyone other
than yourself

It’s okay,
for the most part.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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