The Kind of Man, she wants… [POEM]

She wants
The Kind of Man
that lies down with her
with no mention of silence
as he reaches to get her
don’t want no lovin’
but just to be loved
as she wraps all around him
just like a glove

And they just lie there

She wants The Kind of Man
that speaks different language:
Clear english, impression, and anguish
interprets her communication
and well aware of the danger
that comes with
not knowing
what she is saying is,

Love her differently

but just the same as
whatever the best love she can imagine
looks like
she wants The Kind of Man
that looks like:

The finest actor
and the baddest brother
the hardest worker
and the sexiest lover
the smartest student
the warmest friend
the richest merchant
the most loyal kin
the honest soul
the compassioned heart
the fighting spirit
tall & dark

handsome wouldn’t hurt
and fit too
things around the house
and problems
he can fix too

but normal,
not too big for his britches
and vice versa
and doesn’t refer to women
as bitches

she wants The Kind of Man
that takes her window shopping
and then surprises her
gives her things that money can’t buy
but still provides for her
has the experience
but no stories to tell
somehow he just knows what to do
but, well…

she wants The Kind of Man
that knows what he has
and still works for it
has a confidence that don’t need no fans
but still works for it
generous and kind
personable and sweet
knows how to work a room
but also how to be discreet

You know, not the jealous kind
that don’t know when a little jealousy feels good
and when to stop acting like a jerk
but still could
just give her that look
that says,
“That’s enough. Get him away from you.”
and she complies
because he looks hurt…
in a good way

she wants The Kind of Man
that takes her dream
as serious
as he takes his own
but knows how to prioritize the resources,
without having to consult
mommas, or the guys, or that friend
that she feels uncomfortable about
because they all know where she stands
that, she feels comfortable about
he has explained these things
in public, and private
she wants a man who has a life for himself
but doesn’t have to hide it

she acknowledges
His timing
and His independence
and Him having to be a man
and Him having to boldly flaunt His identity
and having to defend it
she understands
where He stands on issues
and His limits
she realizes
that He may be working on it
until He finishes
she just wants The Kind of Man
that remembers it…

her sacrifice
and birthdays
to take out the trash
their “first” days
that she doesn’t like certain things
but will do them for him
and that she never wants to be alone
but will do it for them
because she knows that sometimes
he has to go
but that he’ll be back
she wants The Kind of Man
that pays attention to that…

and her
in a way that makes her feel noticed
and revered
and revealed
and to the details
and to a new dress
and notices a cropped bang
and acknowledges the throw pillows,
the blue set
and always has an opinion
without always having an objection
and knows how those two things
are why they don’t have a lot of sex

she wants The Kind of Man
that likes children
and the idea of family
and rendezvous to far away places
and being stranded
with nothing
but the light that comes from the spark
in their eyes
in a deserted place
with only the moon’s light

she wants The Kind of Man
that is sensitive to her feelings
and knows how to be delicate
one that knows how to deal with adversity
without rebelling it
without telling it
one that can handle it

she wants The Kind of Man
that builds things
and breaks them
with the same hands
one strong enough to cry
one caring enough to dance
one silly enough to laugh
one foolish enough to try
one bold enough to speak
one crazy enough to fly

The Kind of Man
that fairytales are made of
but really exists
with or without terms or titles
He takes care of His
and relishes adventure
and renews His faith
and believes in a bigger picture
and has dreams to chase
and proud to be himself
for every of life’s turn
The Kind of Man that teaches
through his ability to learn
and earns every ounce of manhood…

The Kind of Man
that every man could be,
if He just believed,

that she wants Him.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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