Whoopin’ … [POEM]

Momma beat her kids
because Big Momma beat her kids
the way Granny beat her kids
the way “master” beat them

and “master” beat them good

Turned them into his
like Granny turned hers around
like Big Momma found
and Momma didn’t turn down
look how I turned out

got beat good

Knew not to try
and what not to pull
how not to act
don’t get pulled

yanked, snatched, balled

wherever we are

Grocery store
In the mall
On a trip
While company is over
The backseat
In school

No place far enough away

From a switch
Or a shoe
Or a chord
Or a hand

Momma’s fingernails pierce like daggers

Or a broom
Or a race car track
Or a remote

A belt never seems to be enough

Just get naked
and bend over the chair
Or stand there
but don’t move

It was discipline
a way to let you know who was boss
and in charge
spoil the child
if you spare the rod

back in the day,
the neighbors could beat you too
for any offense
of being rude

something other “masters” couldn’t do
lessen the penalty behoove
A beating ensures life more smooth

“This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you”

Psychological warfare that they use
Overcomer’s approve
or accuse

Until it is the appropriate measure
to fuse

when you get no respect
from timeout’s or talking to

Be careful not to… bruise.

©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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