Before I say goodbye… [POEM]

One more chance
to prove that I am
that we are surely fit
to dance

so let me show you,
Before I say goodbye

I love you
and have since first sight
like at the well
like those eyes,
like the first night
that happened too fast
but not fast enough
but just so happens to be,

let me remind you,
Before I say goodbye

to go and become
exactly as you urged
like you wanted
like I learned
or always said I would
or you always knew
I’m going to return
but before I do,

I want to touch you,
Before I say goodbye

in the morning
from wake to rest
as if perfect strangers
purposely met
for a reason,
such as this…

let your want be a kiss
and distance
be just this,
something to miss
because none of it matters
or fails to survive bliss

Before I say goodbye.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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