is not optional… [POEM]

My faith
My beauty
My love

is not optional

They are given freely
not to save you
but to free me
so I offer them
with reckless abandon,

Beyond measure
and above reproach
I surrender selflessly,
my most inner of feelings
to be exposed
and shared

even though I’m scared
My fear,
is not optional

through the storms
of circumstances
and every chance I have
to give
through the situations
for which I have
to live

My story,
is not optional

the magnificent
that met misery
that materialized into madness
but manifested
into more

I took it all
hands raised toward heaven
face down on the floor


My determination,
is not optional

nor is my belief
or my spirit
or my rage
or my sincerity
or my hope
or my trust
or my integrity
or my want

I have every intention to win
to survive
to live

I won’t die

That kind of death,
is not optional.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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