The Mirror in Me… [POEM]

Dark and ugly
fat and lonely
most rejected
dumb and stupid
hardly good
shallow, judgmental
poor and wretched
misshaped and disfigured
far from wise
not ready, not there
not supposed to, not enough
not worthy, not acceptable
not significant, and not much
less than and least of all
outcast and beyond reach
inappropriate and obnoxious
down, where I should be…

Still dark,
my ugly speaks confident
I command my respect
I’m generous and independent
I’m wanted plenty
Silent yet perceptive
as human as can be
Concerned and compassionate
Well and assured
perfectly intended,
Purposed and specific
Of course and abundant
Valued and acknowledged
Required and wanted
Greater than and first to be
Truly so revered
Knowing well your words
won’t stop me,
That is why I’m feared

I don’t see your reflection,
I speak the mirror in me.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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