Thought for the Moment [#6]

It is so easy to SAY how hard you had it.

What IS hard is making the conscious choice and performing the deliberate practice of doing the NECESSARY things to alter/change/shift YOUR circumstances or situation towards what YOU need them to be.

What is sometimes even more difficult is the process and having to endure the time it takes to accomplish what you have set out to do. Especially in the face of other adversity and against the grain and guide of expectations or assumptions that are formed based on what people/society/history states is the “way” you should or should have done something.

Listen here…

Find out what works for you, that you can sustain, and do it. Repeat it. Practice it. Master it. Continue doing it for as long as need be to produce the results that align with what is YOUR desired or designed outcome. Try things, new things, different things, random things, until you find the thing or things that do work. Use your experiences as EXPERIENCE! Count no mistake or mishap as death, instead LIVE towards the expectation and in the freedom of this knowledge:

Every lesson is a lesson. It may not take you where you wanted to go, but it can, if you allow it to, give you a better idea and position relative to your desired place, EVERY LESSON! That means every friendship, every relationship, every place, every job, every road, every bad thing, every “wrong” thing, every mistake, every avenue, every tool, every question, every regret, every hardship, and EVERY hurt. As well as EVERY good thing. It is all capable of being fused and forged into YOUR FORWARD PROGRESS!

You must gain a matter of perspective that is a perspective that MATTERS, to YOU! You have to attain and achieve discipline and discernment, and diligence. You MUST make a priority of what are YOUR PRIORITIES! And go after them. You must multi-task and multi-FINISH! You have to follow-up and follow-through! You have to MAKE IT WORK!

And where need be, YOU will require and YOU MUST accept, help! You are going to be able to benefit from the experience, expertise, and example of others! Those who are QUALIFIED to lead you. Be sure to recognize or realize when someone is actually QUALIFIED to help you! And ACCEPT that help!

No man, or woman, is self-made! They may be self-inspired or self-motivated or self-driven, but YOU ARE NOT GETTING VERY FAR, in reality, BY YOURSELF. Someone advised, invested, cooperated, listened, petitioned, prayed, considered, or thought about, YOU. And it mattered. Any story with ONE character, was a short one!

And YOUR STORY is waiting. It’s time for YOUR STORY! Your story, especially the part that matters most, gets to BEGIN, RIGHT NOW, with YOU! That’s where it starts. And the “start” is probably- from what life teaches us- the real hard part! That is the part that presents the greatest challenge. The part where you choose to change. The part where you believe in that change and take the attitude and steps necessary to make that change happen. To make that change, REAL.

It is very easy to say what stopped you. But what’s stopping you from doing something about it?



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