Tread, lovely… [POEM]

He’s already left you
there is no sense in saying he’s gone
it was never right
there is no sense in saying he’s wrong

It was never meant to be
it was only meant for what it was
why want him to reduce you
where does that want come from?

You can justify and juxtapose
you can blame and try to convince
but the truth that you and your heart share
will never make the least of sense

That doesn’t make him a villain
it doesn’t mean you should regret
it means that love is still what love is
it means you haven’t found that love yet

So in your tell all, tell all
make sure you’re telling all and not a tale
don’t just tell the truth that offenses him,
because he knows your truth, very well.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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