Nothing, doing… [POEM]

Too many movements
and not enough moves meant
wonder where the mood went
thought they’d move when
they thought they were losing
but they’re just using the moves
to soothe the bruised egos
and people that choose them
so they get more abused
than aroused
and assume that being loud
is something to prove when
silence is how you move when
you have something to do
but who accepts the rules
being given by the accused
or respects the gains
attained from having to lose

Too many movements
and no momentum
not enough followers
to sustain the pension
or appetites
not enough individuals
too many act-alikes
not enough detractors
too many acting right
don’t want no trouble
too many actin’ fight
won’t actually do a damn thing
but acting like
they mean it

Too many movements,
defining more
but meaning less
meaning just enough
to suggest
that what they meant
was something else
rather being something heard
than something felt
movement towards someone
other than something
that helps

Too many movements
and nothing moving
a stymied change
worries about climate change
but no climate’s changed
just a silent rage
and violent plagues
so many ideas, directions
but just idle ways

Too many movements
and not enough moves meant
wonder where the mood went?


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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