Break… [POEM]

We must take it
by faith in by force
we are to make it happen,
no matter of course

There are no givens
still are no guarantees
in order to obtain
we must beseech where we believed

Old habits must be forgotten
traditions need be denied
where either of them falter
revolution must be devised

Organization of the fighters
conversationalists removed
the struggle has been elongated
by a people we behooved

Yet color don’t mean common
and state don’t measure just
there is mud within our water,
betrayal amidst our trust

The chains have been restructured
their links now give us way
configured to persuade us
for freedom we must pay

But image still perceives that
indentured terms suggest
the savior of the captives
never was to have them best

So now we take arms
feet firmly for the way
together in the cause
to lead into the day.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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