Even though… [POEM]

Even though
there are no ways to explain
this is not the same
something has changed
Even though
we’ve been through this before
this is so much more
so much in store
Even though
we’ve got the means of time
we can’t let this slip by
we have got to try
Even though
we search this life for balance
we find our share of challenges
love always comes after it
Even though
what is gone is surely that
it is a matter of fact
we won’t ever get it back
Even though
there may be work to do
we will both have to work too,
what is it worth to you
Even though
we can not make every promise
we can always be honest
nothing can take that from us
Even though
love is worth every bit of it
you might wait for the benefit
just don’t get rid of it
Even though
you have every right to decide
because of all that you survived
now you want to thrive
Even though
the moment feels amazing
being still is crazy
even still is maybe
Even though
we don’t know how it began
it might just go as planned
it might not ever end
Even though
fate and destiny will oblige
the universe will abide
we just have to try
Even though
it feels like we belong
feelings can just be gone
I would rather not be wrong,
Even though.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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