sick… [POEM]

There is a pillow that carried your head last night,
we are going to fight
I’m coming for the sheets and covers that held you,
it’s just not right

Didn’t I tell you,
No one but me
I’m jealous of the mirror that stares into your eyes every morning
I envy that cup of tea,
because it kissed your lips,
before me

I’m sick

How dare that shower water run itself up and down you like that?
What about my fingers?
I’m going to hide the towel that got to dry you off,
I’m stingy

I loathe the music you listened to,
I want to be the something you pay attention to
The way the phone dances around your ear,
I want to be that near
Why is your window wide open?
I want to be that clear

I know, I’m sick

I see the way those clothes are hanging on to you
and I don’t like it one bit
What am I supposed to do?
You got me like this

I’m sick

Paranoid that your imagination is on your mind more than I am,
Why are those shoes carrying you around everywhere you go?
I can

That perfume is flirting with your neck,
That jewelry is smothering you
I get so enraged having to acknowledge how close you and your underwear are,
but what am I supposed to do?
Those panties have no business in your business,
That bra can’t taste a thing
Your nightgown can’t hold a candle to the way I can satisfy you,
Why waste a dream?

Okay, I’m sick

I’ll be every friend you needed
Every shoulder, every hand
No one needs to give you anything
I’ll surrender every coin,
supply every chance
You will never, Baby,
never be lonely
You will never be alone
The sick you make me feel feels so right,
If being well is being without you, then I’d rather be wrong

The point is that you make me better
and all the world is right when we are good
I know you have to breathe without me
but if I could do it for you,
I would

I’m sick,
we both can tell
but it doesn’t have to be like this,
You can make me well.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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