Today will be… [POEM]

Today will be different
so I imagine it isn’t
the tomorrow from yesterday
where I had felt so much pain

Today will be possible
because I fought through the obstacles
and opened my mouth
at least to say,

Today will be better
and I won’t let her suffer
the remnants will be nothing
I’m suggesting something other,
than the same

Today will be right
because I will fight for it
go in a different direction,
like forward

Today will be plentiful
I will settle for nothing less
than what I like towards
the way I want for myself

Today will be important
according to my expectation
suited to my taste
affording me the patience

Today will be recognized
to suddenly be anew
in the face of what was old
to such a better view

Today will be special
regardless of issues,
I never surrendered
no matter what I’ve been through

Today will be cherished
each moment and minute,
my beginning till the end
from my awake to my finish.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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