Rainy days… [POEM]

Healing is
all that healing knows how to do
and all that is
is all that healing knows how to prove
that rainy days
hide tears
and drown out the sound
of fears
the ones that whisper memories
and then become the enemy
of emptiness
a hope that forgetting it happens
faster than remembering
and answering
to the voice of familiar
while you try to build up resistance
to doing stupid things
like yesterday
for good reason
or for comfort
for someone else
who needs help
but is too selfish
to notice you sitting there
in the rain
sitting there
in the pain
for them,
by yourself
or just to say
seeing to it that needs
and wants
and feelings,
are felt
you’ve become their rainy day
wiping the dirt away
cleansing the space
keeping them inside,
and safe
falling down uncontrollably
but they are not noticing
you being like raindrops
giving chase
and wet
whenever they need you
to be
or anything
living water,
or set
a puddle that they play in
or walk around
or avoid all together
you rain,
like weather
one could expect

Rainy days
bring a new
being anew
someone that recognizes
what it is like being rain,
being a you
and in a moment
a temperature change
brings to view
that rainy days
are the best days
for remembering that
there is never a regret
in being so true

because the rain
is healing
and healing is
all that healing knows how to do.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


2 thoughts on “Rainy days… [POEM]

  1. stephendallen

    Intriguing and irresistible writing. It hooks one and leads them through a labyrinth which folds and unfolds. I love this piece. – Stephen



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