Lesson… [POEM]

Bring your weapon

it’s open season
for no reason other
than killing brothers
stealing mothers babies lately
no under covers
plain clothes pedestrian:
uniformed officer:
rights and entitlements:
fear for one’s safety:
“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”,

Possible armed suspect
in park
fire on sight
then put the car
in park
America don’t like its colors
in dark
rather rainbows and grays
in spark
work it hun-ty
it’s art

are weapons
are weapons
are weapons
are weapons
are weapons
Time of day
is a weapon
Walking in the street
is a weapon
Sitting in the car
is a weapon
Hanging out with friends
is a weapon
Selling loose cigarettes,
is a weapon

we ain’t got the weapons,


Beat cops beat
Rookies shoot first
Sworn to protect protect themselves
Not guilty needs proof first


How I talk
is a weapon
How I walk
is a weapon
How I act
is a weapon
How I think
is a weapon
How I feel
is a weapon
How I believe
is a weapon


Sons get taught compliance
quicker than confidence
and that is where
the problem is

Word like weapon
Words like weapons


Guns and Butter,
we ain’t got neither
we got mack and cheese,
they don’t believe us


Nobody but us does the thing they complain about
so as it relates to how some people feel about us, I feel the same about it
but what can I change about it…

because we’re comfortable
so we do what they want us to
and complain about it
but nothing changes about it
and there is nothing strange about it
just take what you can get
and sang about it
You sure can sang about it!
some kind of range about it
talent like that can get you somewhere,
put a stage around it
you outta be in pictures,
put a frame around it
get you some fame around it
cost you blood, sweat, and tears
don’t leave them stains around it
You’d better clean up your act
or get a cage around it
pray to get out of the box,
sprinkle sage around it
speak no rage about it
or silenced will be your speech
just think the same about it
don’t you dare try to be different
play the game about it
say the name around it
see what came about it…


with what we have to do
till we have what we due
but until then
we’ll have to



©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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