A waiting… [POEM]

she’s waiting
been dating desperate
preparing for respite
looking for protection,
she has acquired wealth
waiting for
a chance to divest it

she finds them interesting
they’ve only been interested
no interests in
just prospective
from her perspective

all risk, no reward
not even for the moment
she’s not their type
only what they’ve wanted
when they wanted
and the market trends
don’t suit her taste
so she’s wasted more energy
than should be afforded
renewable sources

no profit from
just pockets of pain
filled to a brim
distributed amongst friends,
from stocks she speculated
bottomed out
she did again

this has been a crash course
in value
and how not to
and what not to bet on
and why not to let on
that you’re eager
to spend
every and any thing
to end
the poverty of pleasure
so you study sectors
and technologies
through extensive research,
mostly apologies
only to end up here

under a mound of past due
counting amounts
that have passed you
and time
that seems to harass you,

she asks no unreasonable question
only if he is ready
to be practical
to materialize
what is actual
and to acknowledge her
when it is time to


no agreement
is mutual distraction
and she won’t get up
if she doesn’t have to
are non-factor
she’s already halved

basked in the over indulgence
observed the opulence
and the bulges
and the focus
never came into view

no manifestation,
no use

so she asks to be allowed
to move
toward a different industry
into a new science,
spiritual chemistry
not anything
out of context
there is no contest
if all there is
is conflict
of the very interest
that attempts to
or just comment

she doesn’t need the comet
just a star
one intergalactic being
on a cosmic path
specifically for her comfort
to where she is
for here
from afar

and she will pay the cost
forget the things she’s remembered
what she’d lost
buy into this new beginning
and cross
into the penthouse
or the loft
for as long as he will work
she will work with him
and he can be boss

she’s had it hard
but she can be soft

and they can be off,

and lying in this bed together,
in the midst of it all
and lost,



©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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