i could… [POEM]

I could stay
Or I could walk into the sun
and just fade away
or burn
Or I could change
save somebody else the hurt
of saving me
I could be brave
refuse to let love do its thing

I could wait
try to put a love on me
become a slave,
make you my master,
shame on me
stupid things to do
make much more sense to me
so I’ll escape,
until you’re free
pretend I don’t know how you feel
and let you be

I could try
and take back my things
just leave my heart and mind preoccupied,
say what I need
give God a chance to prove herself
or not believe
run back into the arms I left,
a devils deed
Or I could breathe
the same thing I saw in you
could be found in me
I just have to see

or I could leave
try backing off from all of it
and hope to be
promises I told myself
are hard to keep
because of honesty
so I should sink
drown myself in love with you
until I blink
tired of staring at old pictures,
I could think
try and find a better way
Or I could dream
not wake up from fantasy
and start to scheme
find a way to fool myself
but a coward
is hard to be
and I could never wink
no poker face with a hand like this,
I would never drink
I’d be out of place away from you,
out of sync
and I could never eat
not after you’ve been feeding me
and if I would,
I couldn’t taste a thing.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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