Thought for the Moment… [#18]


At every moment, with any moment, while you are in the moment, ENJOY YOURSELF. Because promises are mere moments. And if you KNOW that, you can have this next level peace of mind- that I call REST ASSURANCE- in all matters. That “rest assurance” is a particular brand of confidence and comprehension that is so often unknown to people. In addition to being unknown, it is so unfamiliar to many because the status quo and regimens of what has been tradition or routine has been instrumental in clouding and distorting the view of where you could be, or what you should be doing. So you’ve left the moment. As a matter of plain fact, you’ve abandoned the moment! You’ve surrendered it for the sake of some awareness. For the sake of sacrifice. For the situation of settlement. For a sense of self-martyrdom. For the trap of self-righteousness. What a trap.
Nonetheless, the moment is there. Or here. This is the moment. And you know what, the moment is yours. It is yours to help or to be helped, it is even yours to hurt or be hurt. For real.
My advice, “Move like you mean it!”… Keep going, keep doing, and definitely KEEP LIVING. Because LIFE GOES ON. And you will miss every moment of it, being stuck or stagnant somewhere else. Caught in some expired or expensive moment. One that has cost you time, energy, and even money that you should not have to lose. Not when moments are the most abundant resource available. At any given moment, simultaneously, there are an infinite number of possibilities at your discretion. Many of which you are not aware of, don’t see, can’t recognize, will never even attempt to engage-for whatever the reason- but they are there! And while you are festering in the dysfunction of some stale assortment of frozen time-sicle, well there is a fresh batch of custom, personalized, ready and available, suited to your desires and taste, moments, right in front of you!
 I know you’re being told that the point of life is to procure a sense of ownership and identity in the scheme of the bigger picture, but I believe you may be looking at it wrong. Value and worth are so distorted in the picture and perception of what we either define or deny “perfection” to be. What “perfect” really is depends on what you REALLY want, and what it means to you. And that “perfect” so often does not mean the worldly standard and definite of what “perfection” should resemble.
And getting caught up on how things should (look, feel, be) has been proven, time and again, to be a sure-fire way to miss a moment! And the results, catastrophic, detrimental, and even deadly.
Yes, so LIVE. Live in and for the moment. Live at the moment. Make sure that whatever the choice and decision that you make is one that you can LIVE with, and MOVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT! And know that the real trick to the understanding of moments is realizing that as a human, you are entitled to admission into humanity and with humanity comes other humans that will enter your life or circle and their presence may be but a mere moment. They are guaranteed the same free-will and opportunity to shift, change, and decide, as you. To no fault of yours and sometimes at no fault of their own. It sounds almost irresponsible to present the argument that no one bears a certain accountability for the change, alteration, abruption, or interruption of things, but one of the truest sayings that you will ever here is one of the most accurate contingencies that is sure to materialize… SH*T HAPPENS. For real. And it can happen at any moment.

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