Landscape…   [POEM]

skies that make the day
seem much more
than what it was not
whenever I’d come outside
to discover how much bigger
my problems were before
and after I had lot
let go of a rainy day
in exchange for a cloud
protected by the shadow
encompassed in a shroud
left for a thought about afar
and an away that I could go
wished upon like stars
that shot to and fro
but never unto me
no matter of the deed
whisked away by challenge
taken apart by thieves
stolen for no other reason
than having to had been left
and not discovered alive,
until a somewhat death
to the chagrin of a valley
that welcomed me within
at the beckon of a zenith
that yelled down for me to win
while a sun sets
on a horizon
that does the very thing
to no surprise yet
for a moment that is
opportune and wet
fluent in a foreign tongue
but readily understood
I’ve welcomed into the possibility
the hope that now is good
so out against the odds
and in the thick of now
the landscape is my chance
a view and scope of how.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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