Side of You… [POEM]

I’d be willing
to bet
that you never forget me
or let
anything become
that could come in between
what we will always
used to be

there is someone else
but you are used to me
and your body
won’t let you embody leave
so you breathe
inhale my scent
wherever I went
content with things
being uneasy

does your mind still
seek out ways to figure
or have you surrendered
just accepted that this is
what you have
always wanted to
be a part to,
and not in not to

something about the water
we both share fond
and then there is the dryness
that you cannot get beyond
I hope you’re still
come on

reminders and reflex
to which
you have no defense
pretending to be away
while your heart is on
thee fence
question answered in kind
what is thee tense
you won’t make it,
what is thee sense

and no one knows
this side of you
unlike I do
long before you found out
that it would still
I knew.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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