before we lose… [POEM]

before we lose our breath,
maybe we should breathe
might as well try different
so maybe we should leave

before we lose our sight
and start seeing things ugly
probably should close our eyes,
and imagine the dark lovely

before we lose all hope
and discover fear to be true
I should at least try fighting,
for a battle such as you

before we lose the reason
that was once the way we saw
you should learn to forgive,
at least yourself, for flaws

before we lose more sleep
awake in dreams of lore
there should be an awakening
we could ask for more

before we lose out on fate
and win instead a prize for loss
might be good to invest the time,
what more could a certain joy cost

before we lose our way
and find others to pass the time
we should just be strangers,
pedestrians to passerby.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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