Enough…   [POEM]

from here and this one time
no morning seems so far
away from where we were
so alive in this dark,
mentioned by the way
too long ago to notice
that what we have is real
enough to give us focus
on to things that matter more
such is reason to partake
in the course of what is love
while unlike a heart to break
up along the expectation
for things to come do know
down below the bows of fear
not the least of way to go
into realms and stars unkind
to the lengths of even should
we dare not define the words
less a chance misunderstood
by way that some have gone
to the place that all might see
our turn awaits the presence
in a future that might flee
per mediocre happenstance
unto tragedy does it come
for sake of living comfortably
a somewhat peace undone
while we enjoy the blood of it
seeking thirsty for the flesh
a feeling more important now
than rank of happiness
in the bosom of another’s her
for all that makes no sense
there is yet enough confusion
to provide this so convinced
enough would ever sacrifice
enough would never be
enough will only compromise
until enough is all we need.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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