Isolated…    [POEM]

your light
deserves bigger room
and more space
with many windows
that allow
for sunlight, and awareness
with sheer walls
and lace partitions
glass cubicles
and oddly placed peepholes
in an open environment
and for irony,
a lock and key
an invisible force field
for security
to keep in all the goodness
that could escape
if you don’t breathe
but no doors
so that you are free
once you leave
and running water
in the breeze
of the words you speak

you need to be
left to decide
at any given moment
that you may
change your mind
or find reason
to want cover
and company
that is of no obligation
to stay
but must surrender
for a time
such is as long as you need
to realize
that such a place
is not what you seek
and would have
been more pleasing
with purple walls
and yellow floors
red window panes
plus orange doors
blue ceilings
trimmed in gold
white countertops
and green rugs
all covered in something soft
or orange
to cushion the blows
of every one who enters
but never knows
how hard it is
to live
up to you.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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