gray areas… [POEM]

what are we waiting for
just delivering more
not evading nor
letting love take its course
forcing the hand of fate
still waiting…
until it is too late
wishing when we should see
or making things be
manifesting the most of it,
and living out dreams
bursting out of the seams
instead debating misery,
the mediocrity of chase
but I love you the same
and you feel in such a way
that we should just try it for sake
or at least pretend to be
allow that to evolve into free
capture the moments in full
hold on to what becomes of the seed,
I can grow to become your everything,
you just have to be my root,
and not leave…

this is like tears
liquid from your lips representing my fears
falling for no reason
but for the cheers
what we have has no peers
and forever, has no years
just everything we need
because we believe
and won’t slip

this is the gray area
the shouldn’t be here
but stay, area
the way to nowhere
but weigh, area
the unspoken
but say, area
the may area
the one way at night,
but different everyday, area
the blank area
filled in by circumstance
if at least given the chance
to be black, or white
for life.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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