room for too… [POEM]

that’s what we have
but beliefs make it bad
or seem inappropriate,
and I was just hoping that
we could continue
with a change of venue,
you still smell like him,
and I rather enjoy her scent
but we’re in this moment
and neither of them know,
we persuaded them convinced
you’re just as faithful as then
I am as loyal as pretend
while we make love as friends
hold hand of the wind,
but won’t let it show
it’s not cheating if you go home,
just finding reason to know
not everyday deserves my honesty
and that truth is your hobby
dressed in critique and dogma
fear of a God that logs off
so that nature could take course,
you’ve got vows to enforce,
like “for better or until death”
I decided to save my breath,
so that all my energy is left.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


2 thoughts on “room for too… [POEM]

  1. Triangulette

    Although it irritates me immensely when people mix up similar words in ordinary writing, I’ve always felt that using alternate forms of words in more abstract forms like poetry (i.e. two/two; using plurals instead of singulars, etc) can add an entirely new level of meaning to a piece. There’s the clear intended meaning, which is shown by the context the word is in, and then there’s a second meaning provided by the word itself and its entirely different definition. In this case, “room for too” over “room for two” seems very intentional given your clear grasp of basic English, and I’m so pleased by it that I decided to follow you just for your obvious intelligence alone. It almost implies that the title is meant to be read as “room for whoever wants to come, too”–Not in a sexual sense, mind you; rather, the plea of a person tormented by loneliness and desperate not just for romantic contact, but for any meaningful human connection beyond everyday interaction. A plea for understanding and acceptance. Perhaps it was subconscious; I have no idea. But either way, I like the poem itself enough to follow you.


    1. seethepoet Post author

      Thank you. … and, precisely. The context was intended for that perfect reasoning; The bed (not in a sexual sense) is unmade for whomever.

      Thanks, for the follow… I’ll be doing the same!



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