Patter…  [POEM]

your energy
is bleeding
seeping through the cracks
of my concrete heart
and starting
to rupture me
beginning to break apart
the hardened cadence
of my pain
taking away
my darkened spark,
saving me…

I can feel you
healing me,
again, a-gain, a gain
a balanced arrhythmia
after now
no pain,
but how can it seem
you did it so easily
a turbulent chaotic
calmed me speedily
as if the silent of so long
had chosen to speak to me,
saying, “just believe”
and, “in me”…

your energy
determined that I was
and such began the process
of recovery
from no such
to such a thing
and now a beat
and I made it,


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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