Words I Say for You… [POEM]

being sure to pronounce specifics
without statistics
You are more than
greater than
at the very least, equal to
and You deserve to receive value
of the words I say for You
so I announce linguistics
I believe in You,
so I mention it
with a pension for example,
I will stamp You with the standard
mandate towards greatness,
so that You are awake
I want You to use Your power,
envision it
know that a want is more powerful,
than wishing it
and listening is how Your voice will tower
don’t sensor it,
just be sensitive

favor ain’t fair,
but You deserve it
and any explanation is sufficient
once proficiently worded

I speak life,
that You may speak right
that You may speak sight
that You may see light
that You may be all right, alright

I say “move” so that any mountain will
while I move
so that You are mounted, will
I pour every ounce of who I am into
so that I am Your fountain, filled
whatever skeptic comes along Your way,
may You surmount it, skilled
I promise You success,
that it be there, along and at paths end
no doubt, it will

and if You choose to repeat anything,
let it be
from awareness and memory…

I say GET UP,
just never listen to anyone who violates the true desire of Your heart,
one who tries to limit Your access
to what You can conceive,
even if that someone, is me

because these are
only the words I say for You
while this is Your life to live
and as much as I see a way for You,
every direction is not my right to give

and the words most important
are the ones You say,
whether You select tomorrow,
or choose today
whether You choose to borrow
or choose to wait
whether You elect for sorrow
or choose to faith
the most important move,
is the one that You choose to make

You get to experiment
with experience
I know that hearing a truth
is not the fulfilling of nearing it
so I am here,
but only preparing it
I am sharing it,
but not swearing it

You’ve earned the right
to discover Your own self,
by being Your own self
I will not force You to be like me,
nor anyone else
I say, LIVE,
specifically, ON YOUR OWN self,
for whatever that means,
by knowing YOUR OWN SELF
and not for me
or because I said so,
but for YOUR OWN SELF!

You may never see my prayers,
but I say them
no silence on any issue,
my soul requires tissue
for every curse I strike down,
every limit that I limit
every defeat I’ve already won for You
every death to any deterrent,
delay, or distraction
to the death and hell that I send them
I cry out a river that you can ride right past
I’ve already done the work,
You don’t have to row for a distance
use that energy and time
to strengthen
I’ve left so much on the table,
You have got to get it…

and say, “YES”
let my light,
and even the darknesses of my life
so that You see Your own way,
maybe let my “mights”,
be Your strong
use my excuses to stay put
as the reasons You move on…

and whatever needs to be said,
speak into the atmosphere
all that YOU want to,
like who You like
or want who wants You
what is natural is what is life
I can want all that I want for You,
but I can’t want for You
You have to want it for Yourself

there is a price for everything,
just know that
and then pay it,
know that the real secret is that
if You command it with command,
the universe will obey it
and no word has to mean anything to you,
until YOU SAY IT!


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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