what happens, After… [POEM]

you know my answer is yes
without saying, no question needed
no reason why
you say, i believe it
it has already been decided
the fight conceded
as long as you end up here
my lonely is preceded
with knowing it won’t be for ever
just for as long as you take
to get better
so i’ve given name to this season,
the rain of redemption
the precipitation of pleasure
the winds of wonder no more
the storm that brings us together
i’ve as well given time of my departure,
i am here until
that means perpetuity
and i mean it, to the letter
i am content in searching for you,
having found you to be treasure
you control my movement,
it is like i am your lever
there is no reason for my past,
i have let it all go, severed
i am chained to your changes, tethered
so i am stuck, in position to care for you
regardless, no matter what, always
i have made that choice,
you are my decision,
so i am charged with going through
to get to what happens, after.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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